Driving While License Revoked

First the bad news. Driving While License Revoked is a very common charge in Cumberland County Courts. It is also a very serious misdemeanor that can put you at risk of jail time, high fines and additional lengthy periods of time before you are eligible to get your license back. Having a revoked license can severely impact your job, education and the ability to care for your family or in worst cases your freedom!

There is some good news! Attorney LeFever is ready to help you fight this ticket. Using his 28 years of experience Attorney LeFever can often avoid a conviction and put you in a position where you are eligible to have your license reinstated. He can also help clear up old unresolved tickets which are often the cause of your license being revoked in the first place. In more complex cases Attorney LeFever can represent you at hearings with the NCDMV seeking restoration of your license.

More good news!! There is no need to help pay the overhead of a large law firm. Attorney LeFever is a sole practitioner with 28 years’ experience in fighting DWLR tickets. He has lower expenses than large firms and can pass these savings on to his clients.