Criminal Defense



These are generally considered to be crimes less serious than a felony and they will carry less of a penalty, however, they can still be highly damaging and lead to a mark on the criminal record of a person found guilty. Avoiding a conviction is important since it can not only leave you with fines or probation time, in addition to being viewable to the public including future employers. A misdemeanor can be a smaller crime that can still leave you with an unfortunate outcome.


A felony is the most serious charge that person can receive, although there are different types of felonies that will punished in various manners. Those convicted can face jail time, probation, high fines, community service and more. The state follows the three strikes law so those that are convicted four times will have their sentencing increased each time after that. A charge for a felony such as rape, murder, drug trafficking or burglary can be detrimental to the life and goals of a person. When you are suspected of a crime of this nature, you need to seek capable defense fast.


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