Traffic and DWI Defense


Traffic tickets are not just a nuisance for drivers. They can have serious consequences beginning with fines and court costs;  Unfortunately, though, the fines are just the beginning of your troubles if you are found guilty of a traffic offense in North Carolina.  When you recieved your ticket the issuing officer may have showed you where you can waive going to court and just pay your fine.  DO NOT DO THIS.  Many people do not realize that it is possible to fight a traffic ticket for speeding, careless driving charges or other offenses. Ninety-five percent of drivers who receive traffic citations never go to court. They simply plead guilty, accept responsibility and pay their fine online or through the mail.  You will gain license points and increased insurance costs that may cost you more in the long run.  Depending on your past record, your failure to defend yourself against a traffic violation can even lead up to loss of your driving privileges.


When people are arrested for DWI, most think that they have no chance to win. Many may have “felt guilty” by virtue of being cuffed and taken to jail. Almost all were (at the time of arrest) unaware of their legal rights when being questioned and evaluated by law enforcment. You may be concerned about the loss of your driver's license and other penalties, such as jail time, large fines and and impounding of your vehicle.  Once you are out of jail, it is time to take action to defend yourself against a DWI conviction! 


Driving While Impaired, in America, is a CRIME OF DEGREE. By that, an adult can drink some alcohol, and be perfectly legal to drive, so long as his or her ability to drive has not been affected by the alcohol consumed (or medication or drugs taken). This impairment factor coupled with the North Carolina legislature tightening laws and making the consequences for drunk driving more severe is why it is in your best interest for Attorney LeFever to review the law and the facts. From negotiating your best plea with driving privileges, zealously representing you at trial or mitigating the effects of repeat offenses, his 28 years of experience handling DWI cases in Cumberland County with provide you with your best outcome without the overhead of a large law firm.  

Attorney Ben LeFever has extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system. As your attorney, his goal is to provide skilled, efficient and personal attention to your case, no matter how small the offense may seem. He will advocate on your behalf with law enforcement to either minimize the consequences of the ticket, or to have it completely dismissed from your record.  It all begins with a FREE consultation and very reasonable prices.