Auto Accident Personal Injury, Traffic, and Criminal Law in Cumberland County NC is What We Do...


Attorney LeFever is a Solo Practitioner and does not employ any junior associate attorneys that may not have knowledge or experience to handle your case. Attorney Lefever will be the one to handle your case in court and give you the one-on-one attention that your case deserves. Attorney LeFever and his experienced support staff will see your case through to a favorable conclusion.


There can be much at stake anytime you are faced with any kind of infraction of the law, including being a victim of a motor vehicle accident. Listed below are some of the cases that Attorney LeFever and his staff can see you through to a favorable conclusion. The specific cases handled by our office are not limited to this list, however Attorney LeFever CANNOT  help you with bankruptcy, real estate, domestic or family law as he is not practicing in those areas at this time. Please do not hesistate to contact our office to schedule your free consutation and learn what Attorney LeFever can do to help you!

Traffic Law:

Speeding Citations, Reckless Driving, Stop Sign/Light, Failure to yeild, Improper Passing, Following Too Closely, Hit and Run, Driving While License Revoked, No Operators License, Passing Stopped Schoolbus,Texting and Driving, Unsafe Movement, Accident Citations, and other moving and non-moving violations

Driving after consuming alcohol or Drugs >18, DWI Commerical Vehicle, Operating a Commercial Vehicle After Consuming Alcohol, Civil Revocations, Ignition interlock, Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM),Habitual DWI, Checking Stations and Roadblocks, Impaired Supervision

DMV Hearings, Driving Revoked, License Restoration, Civil Revocations, Driving Record Assessment, Indefinite Suspensions, Permanent Revocations, Point Reduction

Missed Court Date:

Failure To Appear, Dismissal with Leave, Orders for Arrest, Bench Warrants, Case Reset, Bond Hearings

Assaults and Crimes of Violence, Drug Crimes, Larceny and Theft, Embezzlement, Financial Card Crime, Identity Theft, Fraud, Burglary and other Housebreakings, Breaking and Entering, Property Crimes, Trespass, Arson, Weapon Charges, Probation Violations, Alcohol Violations, Wildlife violations (Hunting and Fishing), Computer Related Crime

Criminal Law:
Drug Offenses, Victimless Crime:

Simple Possession of Scheduled Drugs, Drug Trafficking, Marijuana Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Marijuana Paraphernalia, Possession with intent to sell and deliver scheduled substances, Toxic vapors, Prescription Fraud.


Juvenile Record, Misdemeanor Under Age 18, Gang Offense Under Age 18, Controlled Substance Under Age 22, Toxic Vapors Under Age 22, NonViolent Felony Under Age 18, NonViolent Offense, Prostitution Offense, Dismissals and Not Guilty Charges, Identity Theft, DNA Records, Pardon of Innocence, Certificates of Relief.